How to connect Linux Ubuntu & Nokia Modem to the internet

Some people think it’s very difficult to use Linux or Unix-like Variant Operating System because of compatibility of the hardware and the software. While some people are affraid and reluctant to leave their comfort area.

But, to make you sure, it’s not that hard, if i may say it’s rather simple. No need of software. Faster cause you don’t need to wait such PC tools loading. To connect to the internet, I use Huawei Vodafone E220 modem and Nokia modem. When I run Windows Vista and 7, to connect my nokia 5800 XM to the internet, I need Nokia PC Suite. Then here comes the problem when using Linux Ubuntu 10.04. How to make the smartphone detected as a modem?

Many people asking on the internet why Nokia ain’t make Nokia PC Suite for Linux since long time ago. And up to now, still, no response. That makes many people think that Nokia don’t care with the satisfaction of end-user especially those who need freedom and liberty to develop IT. Just making advantage how they can benefit the product as much as possible. Aside from that point of view, here some little tips to connect to the net with nokia modem:

1. Open terminal (command line), type lsusb to make sure that there is nokia smart phone in the list. Remember that you must choose connect via pc suite, not mass storage on the phone

2. Then type sudo wvdialconf to configure the modem.

3. Then type sudo wvdial And that’s it. You can make connection.

4. From the panel applet above (default on top), find connection applet. Right click. Make new mobile broadband connection. Next step, i’m sure you all already know. Like always, username, password, apn, etc…

5. Then after finishing the configuration. Just click on the connection applet, you will see your access point. Good luck!!! ^^ These steps also work if you connect any type of modem which are not detected at first.

When using linux, if you want to just transfer file from the phone to the computer or vice versa, you don’t need any software. Plug and play. Just choose mass storage on the phone at first. That’s all I can share to you as a newbie linux user. ^_^v

p.s. It works well in jaunty, karmic, and lucid. I’m sure it works in maverick also.

5 comments on “How to connect Linux Ubuntu & Nokia Modem to the internet

  1. akind says:

    Yes, it’s very very simple to connect internet using nokia on linux box. i am use nokia smart phone, oh no… sorry not a smart phone but old nokia phone. I’m use nokia 6016 series with flexi. Nothing problem on linux. do you have other experience with linux?

    • @akind: experience… hm i don’t get it what you meant but at first i’m so depressed using linux, coz i can’t connect my huawei modem to linux. But so far so good, no more problem. Right now the only thing I’m still curious is How to connect to internet using bluetooth in nokia smartphone. When i run windows, i can connect via bluetooth by installing nokia pc suite…

  2. […] available, there are cable solutions as well. A quick google search gave me these results, like this for example, and there was also a thread about this on the LQ forum here which lead to this […]

  3. volf-cz says:

    My Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Nokia N500 with Bell Refresh – I tried many ways how to connect it with the option on phone – Use as modem (after connecting via USB) – nothing worked. Than I switched on “Nokia Suite” in my phone USB menu, and left office for 15 minutes (as nothing happened in follwoing 30 sec) – when I came back, my laptop was already asking for confirm my new Mobile connection 🙂

    After few “next” (as my laptop chose network, country and profile automaticaly) – I was surfing through my phone…

    So switch on Nokia Suite and give it time.

  4. as says:

    use vmwere in window install unix as guest no need to config..well it worlk atlist for me

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