[Overview] New Tuxcut Version 5.0

Really Big Thanks to Ahmed Atalla who made this tool. Barakallahu fii khoir…

Okay, guys. As linux users, we are somehow familiar with this networking tool. This tool can help us maintaining our network traffic (bandwith) especially in some condition that we need a fast and stable connection in public area and protecting us from network ghost that attack everyone in such area to obtain and acquire the largest bandwith.

IMHO, when I use Windows, I have also tried to use Netcut, claimed to be the similar tool works in Windows environment. But, I discover that somehow tuxcut is better when I did experiments (net war) with my friends. Shortly, tuxcut protection worked, while netcut didn’t.

Here are some examples of tuxcut attack (a video and a picture):

Is it too fast? :p

Screenshot from 2013-05-23 01:03:31In the picture shown above I was downloading distroLinux Mageia and it took more than 16 hours for download to accomplished (the transfer rate i got was just in range 15-25KB/sec). Then I’m curious of what was going on in the net traffic. So I use airodump-ng, I found that client with Mac address 08:ed:b9:03:2a:71 using almost all the bandwith with the fastest transfer data at that time. So I cut him with tuxcut, and my transfer rate climbing to 100-115KB/sec. (Note that, before i cut the connection, I checked with nmap, to see who’s the guy behind that IP and MAC. And it was my friend next door who usually download adult video and streaming from the internet. So i cut him out :p lol)

So, what’s new in Tuxcut 5.0? What’s the difference between this new one with the previous versions?

  1. You can select between interface cards: l0, eth0, wlan0, mon0
  2. Speed limiter function. browse internet comfortably while downloading or uploading big files
  3. Previously, when you scroll down or up in tuxcut window, the IP and MAC not stick together. Make it difficult for scanning. Now they stick together.
  4. Problems in detecting gateway MAC address has been solved

And here’s how the tuxcut work:

arp-scan: to list the live hosts in your network

arptables: to protect your computer from any similar attack

arpspoof from dsniff package: to cut internet from any host you choose

And here’s some issue:

tuxcut_langDefault language is in arabic. So to change to english just click the third menu from the right and choose the second option.

Lastly, this is what I wanna tell you. “Tuxcut is just like a knife. You can cut meats and vegetables to cook, but in other hand you can cut someone’s life” So use it wisely with your own consciousness. 😉

Good Luck

6 comments on “[Overview] New Tuxcut Version 5.0

  1. Cahya says:

    It’s nice, para tetangga mungkin akan kelabakan.

  2. Seddik says:

    hi; i am trying to install tuxcut but the site says “oops…etc” i can download it

  3. andreas says:

    Very nice. Downloaded it today, but Tuxcut won’t show me other devices in my network but my own. Is there any known solution for that problem? Thanks a lot

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