[504] An Abandoned Book

When I cleaned up my cupboard, i gazed upon something that made me feeling nostalgic. A book: 504 Absolutely Essential Words.

It was a third edition book published by Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. A book that i never finish to read. So i opened lesson 1 and stared at those first 12 magic words. Those words made a good story “My Brother, The Gentleman”. Those words are:

  • abandon
  • oath
  • data
  • keen
  • vacant
  • unaccustomed
  • jealous
  • hardship
  • bachelor
  • tact
  • gallant
  • qualify

Because learning foreign language always needs a process and I knew my english is mediocre — even worse than my french — so i tried to make those words in sentences:

I have an oath to become a keen learner. But the hardship i find the most in my life is inability to maintain endurance in order not to abandon what i am learning.

It is necessary to qualify for that process. Therefore, an immediate and serious action must be taken. So not to be jealous of gallant bachelor who has splendid data in his brain.

I might be unaccustomed at first. Moreover, no one else has the same pace in such kind of learning process. It feels like the universe is vacant. But i have to use tact to deceive my subconscious. To never stop learning.

And please… Feel free to CMIIW…

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