Learning Pentesting 1: Hacking Windows 7 dengan Metasploit Kali linux 1.09a

For all those curiosities, Hacking is always science and art.

Hampir semua orang antusias ketika mendengar atau melihat kata “Hacking”. Banyak sekali orang-orang berlomba ingin jadi hacker. “Tolong donk gan, ajarin gimana caranya hack FB?” “Gimana caranya mendeface website?” Oh god… 😥 Please forgive them for desiring to be hackers in the wrong perception. Saya tidak akan panjang lebar menjelaskan apa itu hacker dan cracker, silakan cari referensinya di search engine atau bisa cek di sini Continue reading

[Aircrack-ng] Fixed channel mon0: -1, Why and How to Change it?

If you are using Kali Linux 1.0.6, you may refer to this site. If you are using other Linux distribution with kernel 3.x.x latest, you may refer to this site

I have ever had this condition when upgrading Ubuntu Lucid to Ubuntu Maverick. (never happen when I use Backtrack). This condition happen because, there are still some bugs in Maverick. So we have to patch it first.

Using this command:

sudo airmon-ng start wlan0 [channel]

changing the channel from 1 to 10. Always ends up on fixed channel mon0: -1. So, i can’t do the injection. Being frustrated, I asked from forum to forum to find the solution. But still, no one knows how to solve the problem. Until I joined French Forum (with my limited capability of speaking French :lol). I found this solution below. Continue reading