Headset is not Working on Blackberry

There’s always solution to every problem. It’s just how you find that solution in different methods.

As we know, blackberry devices always have many issues, this time i have issue with headset. I use curve 3g and headset was not working when i play music or video. I tried to manipulate the jack and it worked when i pull it slight. Then the problem reoccured, i tried the same way but it didn’t work. To make sure whether the headset is not broken, i plug the other 3.5mm jack(nokia 5800xm headset, sony erricson headset), it didn’t work either (usually it worked, so basically the problem is not in headset) Continue reading

Perbedaan Capacitive & Resistive Touchscreen

Saat ini banyak perangkat elektronik pribadi a.k.a gadget, khususnya Handphone menggunakan touchscreen. Ada dua jenis (sebenarnya banyak) tipe touchscreen yang saat ini menggempur pasaran, capacitive & resistive.

Jadi apa bedanya?

1. Cara Kerja

Capacitive : bekerja dengan cara mengukur interaksi antara sinyal elektrik pada transparent grid di atas layar dan jari tangan pengguna

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