“K” – “O” Kisses

Kiss with a Twist

Lean in to kiss your partner and just as they come to meet your lips, pull back. They’ll think your playing, but surprise them by leaning in and giving them the kiss of a lifetime!

Laughter Kiss

Lean in like you’re going to kiss your partner. Get close enough to where your lips slightly brush theirs as you whisper a joke. Just make sure it’s a good joke!

Letter Kiss

Send your lover a kiss in a love letter by writing the letter x several times in a row at the bottom of a letter such as XXXXX.

Lip Tease Kiss

Lightly lick your partner’s lips, from the outside to the inside. They will react to opening their lips further, then you lick inward more. This kiss leaves a wonderful tingling sensation.

Lip Trace Kiss

Stick out the tip of your tongue and gently trace the outline of your partners mouth. It’s exciting and refreshing!

Lizard Kiss

When you are leaning in to kiss your partner, stick the tip of your tongue out and touch their lips. Quickly return your tongue to you mouth. Its especially funny when both of you do it at the same time.

Long Kiss

Just start kissing and keep going until the next day!

Loubie Smooch

Roll your partner over and kiss one of their bum cheeks then give it a little playful bite. Guaranteed to surprise your partner!

Make-out Starter Kiss

While you’re kissing, move your tongue back and forth really fast. If your partner says anything about it, act like it didn’t happen…It’s a great make-out starter.

Mermaid Kiss

Have your partner let all of his/her breath out and go under water. Follow them down, connect, and give your breath to them. This kiss is fun and very connecting.

Minty Hot Kiss

Put your favorite minty gum in your mouth and have your partner put their favorite spicy gum in their mouth. While French kissing, exchange each others gum from mouth to mouth, getting a cold and warm feeling.

Minty Kiss

Kiss him with a mint in your mouth, then pass it to him as you kiss. It will give him a little surprise and he’ll say he wants to give it back so it will give him an excuse to kiss you again.

Mistletoe Kiss

Surprise your lover by capturing them with a gentle holiday kiss under the mistletoe. This is also a good method for shyer individuals to steal a kiss from a potential lover.

Name Kiss

A kiss where you spell your name with your tongue while kissing your partner.

Neck Kiss

Come up behind the person you want to kiss. Lightly lick the back of their neck, then kiss the back of their neck a few times.

Neck Kiss (Alternate)

Alternate kissing and licking at the hollow point of the collar bone and slowly travel upward, then end with a deep kiss on the mouth, French is preferred.

Neck Lick Kiss

Slowly lick up the side of her neck to her ear and trace it back with your lips, kissing gently. She’s sure to get chills.

Neck Nibble Kiss

Gently nibble up and down your partners neck. End with a gentle kiss on the lips.

Nibble Kiss

While you and your partner are kissing, gently nibble on their tongue. This produces an erotic sensation and is a laugh!

Nip Kiss

This kiss can create a very erotic sensation. While kissing your partner, ever so gently nibble on their lips. You must be very careful not to bite to hard or hurt your partner. When done correctly, this kiss ignites wonderful sensations.

Non-stop Kiss

Make out, slipping your tongue in and out of your partners mouth. Keep going for as long as you can.

Nose Kiss

Lean forward slowly to their face and softly kiss your partner’s nose. This is a good way to get your partner’s attention and it always makes them smile!

Ocean Kiss

Standing in the ocean up to your thighs, when a wave approaches, both partners kiss. As the wave crashes into each other, the wave will hit both partners with passion.

Open Eye Kiss

Look your loved one in the eye. While staring at them, lean in and kiss them slowly, looking into their eyes the entire time. This will show your partner how much you care about them, and give them butterflies at the same time!

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